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{ PKMNA } charlotte cinderford by seaglitch { PKMNA } charlotte cinderford by seaglitch
look at my precious little bby piggy
ill add her id  to her app when i can 

Basic Information

☾ Name ; Charlotte Cinderford
☾ Age ; 19
☾ Gender ; Female { She / her }
☾ Pokémon ; Spoink* { 325 }
☾ Birthday ; 19 April
☾ Height ; 5'2"
☾ Weight ; 133 lbs
☾ Nature ; Quiet
☾ Summary characteristic ; Highly curious.
☾ Ability ; Own Tempo
☾ Special Traits ; Shiny
☾ Hometown ;  Goldenrod City { Johto }


At first glance, Charlotte is a generally quiet and distant Spoink. She absolutely hates confrontation, and therefore she tends to avoid it, due to her difficulty to talk to others. She has difficulty trusting others, due to fear of being betrayed. She can be selfish as well, due to being intuitive and prefering to think for herself. And she may occasionally lie on impulse, when she is afraid of getting into trouble. Once you get through her trust issues and her general awkwardness, she can be emotional, and a listening ear, and your advice giver in time of need. Can be curious but, mostly careful.

  Born in the lively and huge city of Goldenrod city in Johto was certainly a perfect environment for a young, naive curious little Spoink, who hopped along pavements and sneaking through tall grass, seeking knowledge and looking for a trill of an adventure. A young child who wanted to know how everything ticked, the inside and outside of everything, that was Charlotte. The Meowstic and Grumpig had not expected to find their child, to be a peach-colored Spoink. Even so, she was given the utmost love and affection, by her loving parents. 

  However, around when Charlotte was five, a terrible incident occured. She had woken up to the smell of smoke. her curiosity wandered, and she decided to check out, where the smoke was coming from. It had led her to the kitchen, which had been set ablaze, flames flickering, dancing, as they slowly burn. Curiosity killed the meowth, or rather injured the Spoink, as she had decided to reach her hand into the flame, and then her right hand, save for the split second of pain, couldn't feel anything anymore. 

  Fortunately, her parents woke up on time, the kitchen was saved and her burn was healed, even if it left her scars. The incident had made her more cautious of the world around her, and careful, and sprouted her fear of fire and fire types. However, this injury had caused the difficulty of movement for her hand, so she decided to start practicing using special attacks, and practiced using Psychic. She would use it to write, to pick things up, and many other daily life things.

  In school, she had difficulty making friends, having difficulty with social interaction, due to not exactly having many chances to practice her social skills at home, being the only child, and as well as her parents becoming busier due to work. It didn't matter to her though. School was meant for studying, not for making friends. And so instead she decided to study for majority of her days.

  Generally, she had a knack for academic studies, and she scored relatively well, almost scoring the highest for each of her classes in high school. Save for the occasional problem with stage fright, her projects were well done and fully researched. She would prepare three months before examinations started, and she had the tendency to stay up late even then.

  As for her social life, she had a tiny group of friends, including a Stunfisk, named, Summer,  who she had saw as one of her best friends, generally because she had the most trust on her. They'd always do group projects together, partner up together for class, despite Charlotte's awkwardness, she was still willing to stick by her side for the most part. Or so she had thought. Her friend had abandoned her, betrayed her for a Houndour. Apparently Summer had admitted to not caring about Charlotte, that she had been using her, and her results, and that she was worthless otherwise. A nobody.

  Her heart absolutely crushed, she locked her feelings up, and decided she didn't need friends. She only needed herself, and that she shouldn't care about others.
  And then she decided to prove them wrong. That she was not just some nobody. She was going to become a somebody. And she wouldn't allow anyone to bring her down anymore. 

  She worked twice as hard, following her study schedule to the t, and eventually, she graduated from high school. And afterwards, she was at a lost for where her future was to go next? She hadn't thought about her aspirations too much. 

  Discussing it with her parents, they had suggested to her, a recently rebuilt college, for unique talents and, possibly, a place where she could possibly find her aspirations and dreams. And so, she applied to said college.

☾ Hobbies ; Reading, Studying, Star-gazing, Exploring, Writing, Practicing moves, Brewing Coffee, Press flowers.
☾ Favorite berry flavor ; Sour

Battle Information

 Level ; 35

> Splash
> Psywave
> Odor Sleuth
> Psybeam
> Psych Up
> Confuse Ray
> Magic Coat
> Zen Headbutt
> Power Gem
> Rest
> Snore
 TM / HM / Egg Moves 
> Psychic
> Mirror Coat
> Substitute
> Rain Dance 

☾ Delta Moves 

☾ Special Moves 

☾ Hidden Power 
> Teleport { Kirlia }

School Information

☾ House ;  Reverie
☾ Club ;  N/A
☾ School ; Science
☾ Major ; Nanotechnology
☾ Minor ; Biochemistry

☾ Extras/Fun Facts 
> She is afraid of Fire-type Pokemon. And fire in general.
> Likes fossils, stuff encased in amber, pressed flowers and tiny trinkets.
> occasionally also plays video games. Paticularly horror and adventure games.
> Likes horror stuff.
> She also drinks a lot of coffee and has the tedency to stay up real late.
> refuses to evolve due to finding evolution more of an inconvience  
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