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{ PKMNA } angelica faris by seaglitch { PKMNA } angelica faris by seaglitch

edit ; added her ID, and gave her the day app instead bc i felt it suited her more? plus some other smaller changes.

:twitter: marinxwings 

i missed this babe tbh

Basic Information

☀ Name ; Angelica Faris [ goes by Annie ]
☀ Age ; 17
☀ Gender ; Female { She / her }
☀ Pokémon ; Swampert { 260 }
☀ Birthday ; 4 September
☀ Height ; 4'8" { 148 cm }
☀ Weight ; 91 lbs
☀ Nature ; Rash
☀ Summary characteristic ; Likes to fight.
☀ Ability ; Torrent
☀ Special Traits ; Pokerus & Delta
☀ Hometown ;  Slateport City { Hoenn }


☀ Personality 

Angelica is a friendly and loyal Swampert, who may or may not be a huge chatterbox and has the tendency to be energetic. She enjoys making friends and hanging around them, as she is hugely extroverted. She is quite protective of her friends, wanting to make sure her friends are happy and safe, and may tend to mother them a lot. She enjoys being helpful as well, willing to get any tasks done, in quickest time she can possibly do. 

She prefers to act before thinking, causing her problems such as being too rash or aggressive, with the addition of her being a little short-tempered sometimes. She also has the huge tendency to forget things easily, and can be quite clumsy and reckless as well. She can be pretty impatient, disliking the idea of wasting time, and would rather have things done as fast as possible. 

She is also very determined and is always focused on her goals, whether it be making her long-life dream come true, or finishing a simple errand for a friend, she will not give up, and constantly shows resilience. She is also pretty bold and courageous as well, enjoying risk, adventure and discovery, and has enough bravery to explore even the deepest of forests, and darkest of caves. She loves challenges, and can be very competitive, willing to compete over the smallest thing.

☀ History 

 Living a simple port town in Hoenn of Slateport, the breezy weather, the bright tropical sun, and the lovely seashore right next door, the beautiful light of the lighthouse shining once the sun sets and the moon rises, it was a great place to stay at. A happy and cheerful atmosphere around it. Angelica's parents had moved to this beautiful bright town, living under a roof of house fitted for their whole family of six.

  The little mudkip was born to a Swampert and Azumarill couple, second oldest child in the family, the oldest being her brother. Her father, a Swampert who was a sport athlete, most expert in combat sports, that won trophies, and medals and always brought them home proudly, showing them off to her and her siblings, occasionally letting them wear the medals themselves. As for her mother, she was a hardworking azumarill, that was an owner of a bakery shop, baking the quality pastries, and more, working hard to earn profit for the family. They lived a happy life, exploring beaches, collecting seashells and bottle caps, eating cookies and cinnamon pies, it was a nice life, well not the greatest, it was good and everyone was satisfied. 

  Angelica had admired her father greatly, wishing to be as strong and wise as he was. He was her one and only role model. Her father would take her and her older brother to practice sports, sometimes even learn how to battle, and maybe a few techniques, and show off a few moves to them, teaching them how to use those moves and more. She had learnt a lot from him, but that wasn't enough. She wanted to prove herself. She wanted to prove she was strong. She had aimed to reach as high as possible, train until she was the strongest she could be. So she would train by herself sometimes, or even with her older brother. They would also battle each other as well sometimes, to see who was stronger.

  One day, her father, her brother and herself had went out of town for a fishing trip, fishing for magikarps and tentacools on a simple wooden boat. She soon, thanks to her competitive attitude, decided to challenge her brother to her competition, to see who could catch the biggest Magikarp. Of course, her brother accepted, and so begun the race. After impatiently waiting for a Magikarp to hook onto her fishing rod for a few seconds, she gave up and decided to dive into the waters, hoping to catch herself a giant Magikarp by hand.

  Suddenly, she felt something bit into her right leg with its sharp fangs, causing her immense pain in her leg area, and making her instinctively attempt to swim quickly back to the surface, but only managed to struggle in place. She had turned around to look for a moment, and saw a strange Magikarp, twice the size of an average one, tightly latched onto her leg. It had seemed abnormal, its eyes, instead of the normal silly looking ones, were bloodshot.  And no matter how she struggled, it just wouldn't let go. and soon she had blacked out. Thankfully, her father had noticed her disappearance, and had gone to save her.

  When she had awoken, she was back at home, her leg bandaged and numb, her head aching. She had felt weak and tired the whole day, she was back to normal, maybe even more stronger and healthier than usual.

  And in a few days, she had managed to evolve from a Mudkip to a Marshtomp, due to her training. And she had became... a little more aggressive than usual as well. Acting awfully rude towards most almost as random, getting into trouble and starting fights for no reason. She also occasionally would become light-headed, nearly fainting at times. After some consideration and discussion, her parents had brought her to see a doctor.

  And it had appeared, thanks to the Magikarp that had bit her during the fishing trip, she had contracted Pokerus. The doctor had gave her prescription for medicine, and soon the usually harsh mood swings and light-headedness had  subsided. Though her increased strength had stayed.

  Meanwhile, school was alright for her, she had a decent amount of friends, and had decent grades and paid a good amount of attention in class, and rarely caused trouble, except when other kids challenge to battle against her, wanting to beat her, as she was the strongest kid in her class.

  And she quickly evolved into a Swampert around 15 years old, becoming well known in her town as a battle and sports prodigy, and soon joining sport competitions, playing for her school, and soon, like her father, winning medals. She had made her family proud, and she was glad for that. After a while, her dad had found a flyer about a school, Armonia Institute, on Faraway Island. Finding out that it was a well known and interesting school, he had thought about sending her there. And after further consideration on how it might help shape her into a better person, or help build out the path for her to a great future, he decided to enroll her into the school.

☀ Hobbies ; Training, Reading, Doodling, Collecting bottle caps, Playing video games.
☀ Favorite berry flavor ; Sweet

Battle Information

☀ Level ; 50

> Hammer Arm
> Tackle
> Growl
> Water Gun
> Mud-Slap
> Foresight
> Mud Shot
> Bide
> Mud Bomb
> Rock Slide
> Protect
> Muddy Water
> Take down 

 TM / HM / Egg Moves 

> Giga Impact
> Stone Edge
> Strength
> Waterfall
> Blizzard { red shard }

☀ Delta Moves 
> Fly
> Brave Bird

☀ Special Moves 

☀ Hidden Power 

School Information

☀ House ;  Bion { originally amity }
☀ Club ; Sports
☀ School Schedule 
Math II
Sex Ed. & Health


☀ Extras/Fun Facts 
> She really likes chocolate.
> She still takes pills and stuff for her Pokerus.
> She enjoys reading adventure novels.
> She has a scar underneath the sock on her right leg.
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